Trip 3 recap

Verdunity consultants spent two days working with the community and City Staff in June. During this time, two development patterns were analyzed, each offering different fiscal outcomes for Liberty Hill.

On the evening of the first day, an engagement event was hosted at Main Street Social, and an additional event was hosted the following morning at Texas Taco Kitchen. The purpose of these events was to explain to residents how future decisions made by City leaders could affect them. Community members then shared their compromises to help the City’s financial standing. Many believed that having various housing options and efficient building designs would be beneficial, provided these came with improved public spaces and walkability and were distributed throughout the city.

In addition, Verdunity worked with representatives from Planning & Development and Public Works to ensure future land use matched with infrastructure needs and other resources available.

The visit culminated with a presentation in a joint workshop with the City Council and Planning & Zoning Commission. The purpose was to present growth plans and identify areas for improvement, resulting in a final fiscal projection for Liberty Hill’s comprehensive plan. The Council and Commission members highlighted key points to communicate to the public, like how new developments interact with existing spaces.


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