Trip 2 recap

Consultants from Verdunity joined City of Liberty Hill staff members for a series of meetings and activities over three days to discuss topics ranging from future land use in the city to infrastructure investment and capacity.

Verdunity CEO Kevin Shepherd led a community conversation on the evening of Tuesday, April 18th exploring how decisions at the local level affect the fiscal health of the entire community and answered questions from the audience. A joint worksession with the City Council and Planning & Zoning Commission was facilitated by Verdunity team members after the community conversation. Using interactive polling tools, the members of both groups provided direction for appropriate levels of development intensity, how much focus should be placed on creating housing that suits all income levels in Kyle, and where revenue should be coming from to fund city services.

A set of public engagement sessions were held on Monday, April 17th, to solicit feedback from residents on the types of development they are interested in seeing and where that development is most appropriate. Meetings were held at two locations; one midday at the Liberty Hill Public Library, and one in the evening at Willy’s Backyard to provide residents with different schedules an opportunity to provide feedback.

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