Trip 1 recap

Trip 1 consisted of two days on-site in Liberty Hill to learn more about the community and the people in and around it.

On day 1, there was a City Council workshop that focused on identifying and mapping community assets in several categories: physical, economic, public, identity, and community. The group also worked to identify local groups and organizations that should be included in the planning process. The consultant team spent some time meeting with staff from the City, and took a tour around Liberty Hill to become better acquainted with its current developments underway, as well as with important sites and the road network. That evening, an engagement table was set up at City Park soccer fields to interact with parents and families to learn more about where they live, work, shop, and go for entertainment.

Day 2 included a morning workshop with the Planning & Zoning Commission, facilitating exercises on decision-making, land use, development proposals, and related processes.

A come-and-go community kickoff event was held from 4 pm to 8 pm at Municipal Court. The information collected during these two days will serve to inform the bigger engagement plan for the life of the project, as well as give direction about areas which deserve additional research and attention in plan formulation.

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